About Me

Porus CaricatureHi Guys!!!

There are two parts of me —

Professional:- I am a marketing & sales person. I started my career as a trainee and worked my way up to Head of Marketing and Sales over the years. I am a Marketing Communications & Financial Investment Consultant.

Personal:- I am a hardcore pure blue-blooded “Bandra Boy”. 🙂 For those who don’t know — Bandra is a suburb of Bombay. It is called the Queen of Bombay suburbs. But to me, Bandra is the king of all places. And yes, I still prefer to use the word “Bombay” (instead of Mumbai). “Bombay” has more “namakh” personality and character!

Guys, there comes a time in every person’s life when she/he wonders and introspects about one’s professional & personal life.

  • How much is your work keeping you away from your loved ones?
  • Is there sweetness and quality to your life?
  • Is there contentment & satisfaction about the way your life has shaped up?
  • Are there unfinished or unstarted things that you wanted to do when you embarked on your life journey?
  • Do you have enough money stashed away for your retirement, for that dreaded “rainy” day, for your family fun time, for your children’s studies and marriage?

The questions are many and most times, the answers are in the negative. In fact, many times, we don’t even know the right answers.

Fact is, neither do I know most of the answers. Most of us are pretty much in the same boat. 😉

Through this blog, I will try to assist you, entertain you and keep you informed to the best of my ability and as accurately as possible.

Hope you enjoy yourselves.

Please do let me have your feedbacks, suggestions and comments.

Thank you & Take care! 🙂

Porus D. Tavadia